The Briar Patch

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The following cloaks are an example of the types and styles that I can make. If you don't see the color you want just ask. Fabric used include crushed penne, poly-velvet, fleece, linen, wool and cashmere.

All cloaks have seamed shoulders to prevent them from sliding back. This reduces the 'choking' feeling one can get from cloaks without shoulder seams.

All cloaks have closures of some type.

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Crushed Penne

Available in gold, black, blue, forest green, brown, burgundy, purple, silver, dark blue or red with hood. Metal closures vary in style. $70


Soft warm fleece. Cloth tie closure. With or without liripipe hood. Available colors include, grey, black, white, light blue, navy or almost any color you can think of and I can find. $70


 SOLD   $70.

Faux Fur Cape


Embellished Cloak


Tie-Dye Crushed Penne



Tie-Dye Crushed Penne