Myself in one of my gowns.

About Me

Greetings from Lady Kasinda of Briar Patch Garb.

I am the proprietor, creator, and seamstress for the clothing and some of the jewelry.  (Not a website coder.  Willing to trade garb for coding help.)

Why do I call it garb/clothing and not costumes?  Because I was taught how to sew items so they will last for many years by my mom.  A great deal of attention is given to details, like pre-shrinking the fabric before cutting, and sewing/serging all seams.  My mom and I are both proud of my creations and you will be too.

Currently, this website is under construction but you can see and purchase items on my FaceBook page


Currently all shows for 2020 have been cancelled.

The next show is scheduled:

March 6&7 Gulf Coast Renfaire in FL.

March 13-21 Gulf Wars in MS.