Briar Patch Garb

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My name is Lady Kasinda and I am the creator of all the garb/clothing and accessories you will find on this site. I belong to the Society for Creative Anachronism ( You can find me at most major wars and events in the SCA. I can also be found at many renfaires from Arizona to Florida and up to Wyoming and Missouri.

All garb on this site is available for purchase online, if it has not been sold at a recent event. I will do my best to keep the catalog up to date.

My motto "Where quality beats prices".

Great attention is paid to the details of each piece. All seams are serged. Decorative top stitching is added for unique one of a kind pieces.  I prewash all my fabrics before cutting them out.  So all pieces are machine wash/dry.

Site Updates

For up to the minute new garb, please visit my facebook page, Briar Patch Garb.

New Gowns added.

Steam Punk section added.

Jewelry Gallery ADDED!  


My shop at wars and large faires.




Below: My shop at weekend renaissance faires.

Navagating My Site

On the following catalog pages are a small sampling of the items that I have for sale. I have hundreds of items in my shop and the best way to see them all is to visit me in person.

If you have seen an item in my shop and are still interested in purchasing it. Drop me an email with the description. I will be happy to ship you the item. (shipping is $12 on most items, combined shipping avail.).

So, where am I???? Check out my calendar page.

Lady Visa, Master Card, Sir Discover are accepted in shop.